How to apply?

1. Register here: Blogger Deal-Free Travel Wifi

2. Tag us on your social media network during/after your trip.

3. Email us your post and we will fully refund you if the post meets the requirements. (50%OFF offered if you rent it for more than 10 days)

Guidelines for the blog post:

1. Publish your post/photos on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress

2. Include photos with our device in your blog post. Include user experience along with pictures regarding online booking, pick-up, and returning Eg. screenshots of your order, receiving your package. Write a minimum of 400 words with at least 3 photos in your post. Embed hyperlink "" in your post.

3. Include these keywords & hashtags in your post: iVideo, Travel, WiFi, portable usa wifi, pocket wifi, travelwifi, pocket wifi rental, #ivideowifi #pocketwifi #travelwifi #internet #wifirental #usawifi #japanwifi #europewifi #asiawifi #data #stayconnected